Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ben 10, Power Rangers, Ultraman And Everything Boys

The thing about having boys is that...I HAVE got to know BY HEART all Ben 10 alien names ie Heat Blast, Four Arms, Diamond Head, Ghost Freak, Grey Matter, Rip Jaws, Stink Fly, Upgrade, Wild Mutt & XLR8. Because sometimes there would be a POP QUIZ! And I have got be familiar enough to spell Aliens such as 'Humongousaur' at the drop of the hat. Like who can remember such a thing.

The thing about having boys is that...I HAVE got to know which Power Rangers series is cooler. And which is their current favourite. And I have got to sit thru the cheesy dialogues, rubbery villains, unrealistic fighting sequence over & over again, enduring not one but several series of Power Rangers like Dino Thunder, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive & the mother of all Power Rangers - Mighty Morphins.

The thing about having boys is that...I HAVE got to know the differences among all Ultramen. How am I supposed to know that the shape of the Ultramen's mask were different or the design of their suits were different. THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME TO ME. And that Ultraman actually had Daddy, Mommy & the whole 'gin' gang. Do you know that Ultraman is 40 meter tall & is 20,000 Earth years old ? Neither do I. I'd just goggled it! Ha, ha!

The thing about having boys is that...I HAVE to 'refrain' from shopping when I'm out with them. After a couple of times being dragged out (by the waist & legs), accompanied by screams of "NOOOOO, MOMMY!!!!!!! No shopping AGAIN!!!!!", I quickly learnt my lesson. Because people are staring & with the boys' loud "...AGAIN", it looks like they are saving this mommy from a shopaholic relapse!

The thing about having boys is that...I HAVE no opportunity whatsoever to buy cutesy girlie accessories & dresses. And there are so many - hair clips, hair band, ribbons, sling bags, purses, bangles, necklaces, party dresses, casual frocks, mini skirts, tank tops....which would 'pok kai' (bankrupt) a small nation!

The thing about having boys is that...I HAVE no opportunity for games girls' play. No Barbie dolls & doll houses, no pretend tea parties & dressing up...only realistic wrestling matches.

BUT, would I want to change a single thing ? Hell, NO!!!


  1. Same here, same here. Although the boys haven't started pop quizzing me as yet coz Ivan himself can spell :P Ben 10 is the newbie in their list.
    1) Spiderman (no longer in their top list)
    2) Ultraman (Ivan recognises ALL the Ultraman he's seen before, all of them look the same to me)
    3) Power Rangers (so far we're into Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive, is the Mighty Morphin the best??)
    4) Ben 10 (newbie, coz we're not subscribed to cartoon at home, he only sees that at my mom's)

  2. That should read "can't" :P

  3. Kekeke!!! My sons were never into Spiderman, don't know why. Mighty Morphin is the 1st one i think...cos it got the 1980s feel, ha, ha! Welcome to the Ben 10 world. Its actually not bad, really. We don't have Cartoon too, but got pirated, kekeh. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. 100% agree with you. Lucky my boys still not knowing all the Ben 10 alien's name nor Power Ranger and Ultraman's name. Before i got kids, i don't even know what is the different between ultraman and power ranger!! I thought they are the same, till one day i took the CD and told my boys, you want ultraman? He told me, mummy that is power ranger!!! hahahhahahhahah